Rajamangala Tawan-ok Water lily Institute, Rajamangala University of Technology Tawan-Ok, is the only educational institution in Thailand that has a continuous and serious education in wafertily and lotus for 30 years. The institute was initiated by Asst. Prof. Dr. Na.Nopchai Chansilpa. The institute is the organization developed from the research and conservation of genetic wafertily and lotus in the plant sciences department starting from 1991. Later, it was established as a Water lily lotus research and technology transfer station under the Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources on October 1, 2010.  And it has been established as a Water lily lotus institution Rajamangala Tawan-Ok on November 19th 2014. The objectives of the operation are as follows:[] [/]

   1.To support the production of staff with knowledge, ability, skills and expertise in lotus To support staff to have knowledge, skills and expertise lotus. As well as improve and develop the lotus to be the economic crop of the country

  2.To develop research and knowledge about the Water lily lotus, apply research results and knowledge that can be used to benefit , provide academic services to the local community and the nation.

   3. To be a source of genetic collection, both Thai native and foreign to reference. Build cooperation with international botanical gardens and universities to exchange and conserve genes as well as the development of lotus  and Water lily species at national and international levels

   4. To be a source that show rare Water lily lotus species and beautiful lotus species. It is a place to learn about agriculture and lotus cultivars that are economically beneficial to youth, academics and the general public.

   5. To proceed in relation to the botanical garden according to the University Council

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